Ariadne Diagnostics 


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Ariadne Diagnostics 

Ariadne Diagnostics, LLC is a molecular diagnostic company focused on discovery and development of companion diagnostic tests in areas of oncology and rare neuromuscular/neurodegenerative diseases.

How we are different for other companion diagnostics companies
Ariadne-Dx is integrating Bio-informatics and Diagnostic Development.

Ariadne Diagnostics, LLC (Ariadne-Dx) utilizes advanced bioinformatics tools (see Our Approach for more details) that integrate genomic, proteomic, cellular and clinical data to select candidate biomarkers that can predict the effects of drug agents on individual patients.

The company focuses on

  1. Discovery work to provide the data supporting biomarker selection;
  2. Bioinformatic studies to integrate that data for the selection of biomarkers;
  3. Biological & clinical studies to validate the utility of selected biomarkers;
  4. Assay development to support the development of clinical diagnostics;
  5. Clinical validation studies for the purposes of supporting diagnostic test approvals and commercialization.
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