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IT Retail 

IT Retail focuses on developing grocery POS software on the Microsoft platform and solutions that interface with the Microsoft suite of products. We develop, customize, sell and service retail solutions to independent global grocery retail chains and other retail operators.

We provide enterprise-wide open software solutions that are designed to enable food retailers in the grocery market sector to respond to changing consumer preferences and ever-evolving technological advances. Our software solutions cover a wide range of retail applications, including easy-to-use, comprehensive point-of-sale and back office store systems that may be combined with a corporate host system. We design our solutions to be flexible, scalable, and reliable: you can depend on our software. We have put a robust support team in place to ensure that each software sale is just the beginning of a long-time partnership; we want to be there for you as your business grows and thrives.

IT Retail is committed to continuing its leadership in providing quality solutions, products and services to the retail industry for years to come. You can count on it.

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